701 Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Beach FL 33785

Check In / Check Out

Check In – 3:00 PM
Check Out – 10:00 AM

Cottage Keys

Keys located inside the cottage. Additional keys can be made available from the Manager or Housekeeper as needed.


Parking is located either next to your cottage or in our parking lot behind the cottages on 1st Street


There is a large trash dumpster behind cottage #16 (enclosed with a gate) as well as recycle bins.

Laundry – Cost: $2 each for wash & dry

The laundry facility is on the right side of the center cottage in the back, #16.


No Smoking inside the cottages and due to the age and the wooden structures of our cottages, NO CANDLES ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.


Our furry dog friends are allowed.  NO CATS, BIRDS or Other Animals allowed. It will be the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up or pick up after your dog(s) inside & outside of the cottages.

The enclosed trash dumpster is located behind cottage #16.


We have two strong WIFI connection available


Each kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishes, pots and pans & the utensils you need to prepare a nice sit down meal. Enjoy!

Upon completion, washing of dishes, utensils, cooking equipment, disposing of trash along with cleaning up any spills or accidents is always appreciated. Florida is home to many critters such as ants and roaches so we don’t want to leave them a picnic. If we leave food out, they decide to move in and procreate. We do monthly treatments, but they can be persistent and hide.

The enclosed trash dumpster is located behind cottage #16.

Air Conditioning

Room air conditioning is available for your use. Try to keep all windows & doors shut while the A/C is on for efficient use.

Should you leave the cottage for a few hours, we appreciate your setting the temperature between 78-80 degrees to conserve.

Following these simple requests will help us to keep our guest rates low.

Let us know if there are any questions.


The bathroom has a few toiletry essentials for your use. Guests should provide their own personal items such as shampoo, conditioner, hygiene items etc.


Staying in one of our cozy individual cottages allows you to have some privacy to relax, lounge or work. Feel free to say “hello” to your new vacationing neighbors as well. We’ve had guests become long-time friends and they come here yearly to see each other.

Noise Limitations

As a courtesy to our guests, your neighbors and others, please keep noise volume down to a minimum and especially in the wee hours of the night.

Checking Out of Your Cottage

Ensure all of your belongings are removed and taken with you.

Check the drawers, empty the trash, clear your dishes out of the sink and leave the keys on the table in the living room.

Note: Don’t worry about the linens and towels as we will handle them.

Close the unlocked front door behind you.

Lastly…safe travel, do well and looking forward to seeing you again.

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